Human body and soul are reflection of each other. All systems of Health and medicine emphasis this fundamental thought. We at Ambrosia rely on this ancient wisdom and consider food is not only for human body but for soul. Food for Soul!

According to Naturopathy, Ayurvedic, Yunani system of medicines body is a balance of TriDosha namely Kapha , Pitta and Vata.

All the Indian origin systems work on Not only the type of foods and drinks we eat and drink but more importantly “How and When to eat “. Simple, alkaline or less acidic foods and drinks, Non mixing of Fruits, eating less in the evening , drinking water by sip are a few wise methods we swear by. Know more these in detail in our blog section.

Ambrosia serves three categories of customers; visitors, Subscription based Exclusive Clubs known as Ambrosia Purity and Premium Club known as Ambrosia Divine, with value added benefits and discounts.  

Disclaimer : Important

For each human being the balance of these three qualities or doshas are different and only the most common approach will work for most of us for general health. But trying to be our own doctor through social media videos and blogs won’t work for specific treatment, health benefits.

Ambrosia and its staff do not claim to be doctors, Healers therapists or alternative medicine experts and most tips are in nature of general advice based on good practices of alternative food systems and medicines. So for specific health benefits please do approach the experts.





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