Eating Food

Eating Food

One would say What ?? Now I have to learn to eat or chew my food?

Yes, dear!

Maintaining health begins from the mouth. Salivary glands present in mouth waters ” with the smell of the food. That’s why the term ” mouth-watering”. Saliva contains a digestive enzyme, Amylase. Saliva is alkaline in nature.

Chewing :

  1. If one chews the food slowly and around 24-32 times and turns the solid food into almost watery solution, digestion is proper as One’s stomach does not have to secret more acid to digest the food.
  2. Chewing also increases the surface area of the food , so more digestive reactions take place and digestive system does not have to work hard.
  3. Chewing decreases the load on stomach on intestine.

Bottom line: Well chewed food is easily digestible. As the digestion system is the source of health or diseases, well-chewed food means good health!

Eat only when hungry and eating at set timings only.

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